Herb Schlickenmaier

A Washington-area native, Herb Schlickenmaier brings his unique experience to all of his customers. While attending the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, in the early 1970s, pursuing his undergraduate work in Aerospace Engineering, Herb actively engaged his passion for all things aviation and aeronautics. His professional career was formed in the Civil Service, beginning with the FAA in the 1970s through the 1980s, growing with NASA in the 1990s through 2008. In 2008, Herb began working in the private sector.

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Time in the Private Sector

After retiring from 35 years of Civil Service, Herb became a consultant with Crown Consulting, Inc., in 2008.

His main interests focused on aviation safety opportunities, especially examining safety reports gathered from pilots (for example, from FOQA data or other pilot-reporting systems, such as ASAP), and comparing it with safety reports from air traffic specialists (for example, operation error reports or the newly minted ATSAP). The idea was to conduct a type-I*type-II analysis to examine off-nominal safety reports. To all the potential clients, it sounded like a good idea, but it just couldn’t gain traction. One might suggest that there is no single aviation safety point of focus, rather there are safety interests in aircraft and safety interests in air traffic. But not both.

During, yet again, another such discussion, Herb was asked to conduct an independent, external review of an aviation fuels, engine test facility at the William J Hughes Technical Center. The idea was to document the facility and report back on its ability to conduct appropriate research. Herb brought his program evaluation experience with him to this opportunity, to conduct an independent, external assessment of the facility in 90 days.

Herb was then asked to build a research plan for the facility.

Herb also supported the proposal and then the execution of the support to the NASA ARMD.

In 2014, Herb was responsible for developing the proposal to support the FAA with an Propulsion and Fuels Research Support task. This was successful and Herb was the Task Lead for the subsequent contract, managing a team of subject matter experts, contract engineers and A&P mechanics onsite for three years. This contract supported the FAA R&D Fuels manager at FAA WJHTC who supported the industry-FAA Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative (PAFI).

In 2018, Herb moved on to a more focused business model, and in 2019 began HS Advanced Concepts LLC.

In July 2018, Herb was under contract to the NASA Langley Research Center through the NIA to support the initial assessment of certification of new concepts and technologies.