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Herb Schlickenmaier

A Washington-area native, Herb Schlickenmaier brings his unique experience to all of his customers. While attending the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, in the early 1970s, pursuing his undergraduate work in Aerospace Engineering, Herb actively engaged his passion for all things aviation and aeronautics. He was the Chairman of the student chapter of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics, and was selected to work as a student engineer for the Federal Aviation Administration under the Cooperative Eduction Program.

While the world lost its interest in Space Exploration (the Apollo program was terminated) and the US Supersonic Transport was terminated, and reductions-in-force were rampant in the Aerospace community, Herb clearly wasn’t concerned. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering in 1975, he accepted the offer from the FAA to work as an engineer in the Systems Research and Development Service as an aircraft guidance and control specialist. This was the FAA’s premiere research group that supported all aspects of the FAA operational organizations, from Air Traffic, Airways Facilities and both Flight Standards operational and Airworthiness engineering certification of pilots and aircraft. It was with this later group that Herb worked most closely, as he worked to transition new guidance and control solutions for the aircraft and pilot certification organizations.

It was during this time that Herb learned the hard lessons of ensuring that new technologies needed to inform the regulations and certification, as much as the regulations and certification had to inform new concepts and technologies.

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