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Assessment of Aircraft Certification Procedures for Emerging Technologies

Identification of gaps that may exist due to emerging technologies in both new certification rules and existing standards that are used as means of compliance to these rules balances a very fine line between avoiding the suffocation of new technologies with regulations built for legacy technologies on one hand, and naïvely pushing new technologies without concern for their safety implications or inferences on the other.

What are the key elements to consider?

  • Identify the Appropriate Engineering Certification Regulations for the Advanced Vehicle (in the U.S., the Federal Aviation Regulations, in the EU, the EASA.)

  • Identify the Technology Innovations

  • Compare the Certification Regulations with the Technology Innovations

  • Grade the Regulations and Standards as Unchanged, Needs Tailoring, Requires Revision or Should Be Removed as Either Inapplicable or a Gap

  • Engage Early with the FAA’s Policy & Innovation Division (AIR-600) in the U.S., or with your own Civil Aviation Authority

  • Engage with the General Aviation Manufacturers’ Association

  • Participate in the ASTM International Standards Committees

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